Book Design

Art Director, illustrator, Tactile Illustrations and Braille Layout

Mes Mains en Or

Le Géant Malpartout

It's not easy to be a giant!
We are so big that we bang up all the time.
Bim! Bam! Boom! Patatras!
What are these funny sounds that are heard there?
In his riquiqui house, our clumsy giant has many worries!
Would not there be a nice fairy to help him?

LE Géant Malpartout

EDITOR : Mes Mains en Or, France 

Media : Cover book Design, Craft & tactile illustration, Design, Graphic & braille Design

Cover Book Design : Eva Del casale

Tactile illustration design inside : Eva Del Casale

Graphic Design & Braille Design : Eva Del Casale


Le Géant Malpartout

Mes Mains en Or used theses tactiles illustrations and my graphic and braille design for the cover and the interion of theyr novel :

" Le géant malpartout " by writen Pauline Dufour. Language: French 

ISBN : 9791091747493