Histoire de France - 4 Book Set

Composed of four booklets tracing the great periods of the history of France, this box invites the child to discover the most emblematic characters and monuments of our history. Thanks to short but rich texts, completed with tactile images, the child learns while having fun. In turn, he will teach you the name of Charlemagne's elephant!



Cover Design

The project of the box of the history of France was one of the most ambitious project on which I had to work. A box containing 4 booklets.
For each book I designed the cover of the book.
On the cover, the image of the character more representative of the time in question, completely done by hand with several materials, textured paper, fautrine, fabric.
Each illustration was subsequently photographed and injected into the design I had designed for the booklets and the box.
I created the graphic identity of the new collection of books.
I realized the Braille layout and big characters by privileging their approach when it was possible, for a comfort of reading for beginners readers or simply to share the reading.