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Abruzzo Road Trip
Photography, Branding
Concept, Design 
Personal Project

Walking on the moon

The Abruzzo is a beautiful little-known region of Central Italy. You can find there a wide range of different landscapes, from the Gran Sasso glacier to the awesome beach of Punta Penna. And when the cold takes precedence over the summer heat, the atmosphere change so deeply that you can have the chance to see this wonderful beach in this particular way, due to thick winter fog.


Abruzzo Road Trip

I started this project a few months ago. Every time I come in my native region of Abruzzo, I walk very often through these landscapes and make a lot of photos. So much photos that I wanted to give them life with a print project. So I designed this logotype to give a quick idea of the beauty and the diversity of Abruzzo. From the Gran Sasso Mountain to the Adriatic Sea, I always keep notes and sketches on places I've been, and I'm planning to print a guidebook with all this material.


Logo concept

Gran Sasso Glacier + Sea + Road